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Join a global platform of individuals coming together to share knowledge in the pursuit of something greater. Initial focus is meditation, qigong, tai chi, yoga, internal alchemy, neigong, martial arts and TCM. Membership gains access to an ever-growing selection of courses and teachers.

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Explore an ever-expanding ecosystem of classes and teachers. Join a Teacher Page and receive the personal guidance and feedback necessary to level-up.


Create and share online classes to a global audience and generate income. Open a Teacher Page and choose from a suite of innovative features to engage with students.


Connect and interact with teachers and learners from around the world. Get personal feedback and support from the teachers you follow. Band together with fellow learners to build community.


Knowledge empowers us. Cinnabar is a place to find the knowledge and people necessary to empower us and change the world.

How Cinnabar Works

Step One

Sign up to stream an ever-expanding range of classes, courses, and teachers.

Step Two

Enroll with a teacher and receive interactive advanced learning and community support.

Step Three (optional)

Open a teacher page to share knowledge with a global audience and generate income.

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Interactive Advanced

Cinnabar provides unlimited streaming of classes, sessions, and talks. And for those who want more, Cinnabar enables learners to engage with teachers through interactive learning tools. Teachers have the option to turn on these additional features and set an enrollment fee.

Cinnabar was founded

by two friends: Nathan Brine and Scotty Ellis

Scotty is a tech-wizard with a passion for esoteric energy arts. Scotty REALLY got into computers around the age of eight. Graduating from Rice University, Scotty spent 20 years working with everything from small startups to Amazon Web Services. Now, Scotty is a highly sought-after cloud computing consultant. Scotty is also a 22nd Generation Dragon Gate Priest on Mount Qingcheng, and student of Daoist alchemy.

Nathan is a Taoist practitioner, author, and teacher. For over 25 years Nathan has immersed himself in Taoist temple arts, martial arts, meditation, and internal alchemy. During this time he lived and trained in China for several years, and graduated from the University of British Columbia, where he worked towards an MA studying Classical Chinese and the Taoist canon. In 2015 Nathan’s Taoist teacher authorized him to teach and write a series of books detailing Dragon Gate alchemy.

Scotty and Nathan spent years

travelling the world in search of knowledge, wisdom, and practices. Our journeys took us to distant mountain tops and thriving metropolises to find teachers of ancient knowledge. Our adventures revealed two surprising truths. First, there are vast amounts of knowledge around the world that have the power to radically reshape our lives and empower the collective. Second, it is the dedication of individual teachers and learners that keep it going. The question is, how can we as individuals better connect to access and pass on knowledge?

At Cinnabar we believe that knowledge empowers us, so we built a global platform that invites the collective to reach higher and expand more. Cinnabar is an invitation to continuously evolve.

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